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Mylène Tessier, Tessier Hypothèques
near_me Valleyfield
Mylène Tessier
Courtier hypothécaire, Tessier Hypothèques 450 544.4141
Jamil Mirza, RE/MAX 2000 inc.
near_me Laval
Jamil Mirza
Courtier immobilier, RE/MAX 2000 inc. 514 816-3001
Véronique Deslongchamps Deraps, Représentante autonome
near_me Lachute
Véronique Deslongchamps Deraps
Courtier hypothécaire, Représentante autonome 514-660-7459
Valter Pinchiaroli, Réseau Notaires
near_me Montréal
Valter Pinchiaroli
Notaire, Réseau Notaires 514-826-6561
Marie Gendron, Représentante autonome
near_me Terrebonne
Marie Gendron
Courtier hypothécaire, Représentante autonome 514-966-9926
Geneviève Bouthillette, Représentante autonome
near_me Saint-Hyacinthe
Geneviève Bouthillette
Courtier hypothécaire, Représentante autonome 450-518-2355
Hugo-David Deschênes, Planiprêt
near_me Laval
Hugo-David Deschênes
Courtier hypothécaire, Planiprêt 438-499-9850
Hugo Neveu, Équipe Sommet
near_me Québec
Hugo Neveu
Courtier hypothécaire, Équipe Sommet 418-204-7738
Maxime Minguy, cabinet MRL Hypothèque
near_me Québec
Maxime Minguy
Courtier hypothécaire, cabinet MRL Hypothèque 418-809-8869
Mélanie Lavoie, Multi-Prêts Équipe Action
near_me Châteauguay
Mélanie Lavoie
Courtier hypothécaire, Multi-Prêts Équipe Action 514 966-3768
Dominique Lavigne, Groupe Evolution Cabinet Hypothecaire Inc
near_me Léry
Dominique Lavigne
Courtier hypothécaire, Groupe Evolution Cabinet Hypothecaire Inc 514-240-5417
Geneviève Dugal, Multi-Prêts Hypothèques
near_me Montréal
Geneviève Dugal
Courtier hypothécaire, Multi-Prêts Hypothèques 514-242-0219

Welcome Tax Calculator

Do the math now!

How to calculate your welcome tax?

To calculate this tax, it is necessary to base it on the higher value between the municipal assessment and the purchase price.

From this amount, simply distribute it according to the following brackets: *

Bracket Amount
$0 to $58,900 0.5% of the amount in this bracket.
$58,900 to $294,600 1.0% of the amount in this bracket.
$294,600 and more 1.5% of the amount in this bracket.
$500,000 and more 1.5% to 3% of the amount in this bracket, depending on the municipality*.

Then you add these sums.

The total thus obtained corresponds to the amount of your welcome tax.

You can also make your life easier by using the calculator available to your right :)

Examples of calculating transfer taxes

Calculation updated with 2024 rules

Here are 2 examples you can also use to validate your understanding of the tax calculation:

Example #1: Purchase of $380,000

Example no. 2: Purchase of $600,000

* Differences in calculating transfer taxes in certain cities

The rules above apply to the purchase of a property in most municipalities in Quebec.

Differences in the applicable comparative factors and in the rates of certain levels affect the transfer tax amounts for several cities. Consult your municipality's website to check the rules in force and call a professional to help you calculate the exact amount you will have to pay.

If you notice an error in the calculations for a given municipality, do not hesitate to let us know at info@taxedebienvenue.com, we will be happy to make the necessary corrections!